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Entrepreneurial Ministry and Innovation
Robin James Graham (UTS’80) and Cabot Peterson (UTS’92)

UTS is navigating its second 40 years (2015-2055) and regularly explores opportunities to better ser

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The top 5 qualities of a successful faith-based social entrepreneur

Experts believe that in the earliest stages of launching a new venture—when an idea is new, there is

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Towards a Hyo Jeong Philosophy of Art
Cabot W. Peterson (UTS’92)

In his article Towards a Hyo Jeong Philosophy of Art, published in the Journal of Unification Studie

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Ministry in Many Forms: Kati Vigh-Brisebois (UTS’84)
Kate Pugnoli (UTS'84)

As a child growing up in Romania under communist rule, Kati Vigh-Brisebois could never have imagined

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