Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides

Current Campaigns

We invite you to contribute to the Divinity Scholarship Fund which currently anticipates five awards of $1200 per year to be given to 5 candidates for the degree of Master of Divinity.All levels of donations are welcome; awards to recipients will be decided by the UTS Financial Aid Committee.

A scholarship can be “named” by contributing $1200 in a one-time payment or through 12 monthly payments of $100.

The Divinity Scholarship is designed to defray some of the cost, but students need to understand and budget for the full cost of their education. Prospective students are encouraged to explore multiple funding sources to cover educational and living expenses.

UTS is committed to increasing the financial literacy of all its students to encourage them finish their degrees with as little debt as possible.

Your gift to the UTS Over 40 Campaign will be used introduce UTS to a wider community. In 2017-2018 there will be a significant growth in the marketing of UTS in NYC, UTS in Maryland, and UTS in the Hudson Valley.

- Recruitment ads online
- Increase in social media: Unification Theological Seminary and the UTS Alumni
- Continuous updating of the UTS website 
- A Guest Lecture series 3x each semester: Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Ask yourself and ask another UTS alumna or alumnus how valuable UTS has been. You will be reminded how UTS has been integral for personal formation as a foundation for mission, service, and life.

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